Wood Decks Bring the Inside Out for Vermonters

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Wood Decks in Vermont

Wood Deck

Wait til you see what we can do with this scene.

To live in Vermont, you have to find ways to make the long winters tolerable – if not downright fun – in order to enjoy the other 3 short seasons. This tends to draw most of us outdoors as much as possible between April and November. Winter causes us to bring the outside in Spring, summer and fall encourage us to bring the inside out. Porches and decks in Vermont are the natural extensions of our homes.

While they accommodate barbecue grills, furniture sets, rocking chairs, pets and children’s toys, our decks are also silently brutalized all year round by some of the harshest exposures to nature’s elements. It doesn’t seem to matter with decks in Vermont whether they are located in direct sun or intentional shade, the elements get to them either way.

Owners of Wood Decks Make Choices

For those of us who live with wood decks, there are basically two schools of thought on how to take care of them:

  1. don’t take care of them, let them weather and have “character”
  2. do take care of them and keep them looking and performing at their best

Why does this matter?

wood decks

Deck Whisperers.

When we start to look at our decks as extensions of our homes, we find ourselves spending time on them and using them as living spaces. Then, they become great places to entertain. Who doesn’t enjoy the feel of a good old fashioned picnic where you can be barefoot and still close to home?

The challenge, then, is to keep an outdoor space feeling as comfortable as an indoor space. Let’s face it, the view of Camel’s Hump or Lake Champlain is only going to distract you for so long before you realize that the surface under your feet is kind of slimy or splintery, and their are legions of odd flying ants chewing on the corners of the wood grain.

Wood Decks are Experienced on Two Levels:

  • Visual – How does it look
  • Tactile – How does it feel?
wood decks

Totally Tactile: Handrails need love too.

Decks are high maintenance. They are horizontal surfaces that are usually not sheltered. They are high traffic areas that see lots of wear and tear. What Mother Nature doesn’t do to damage them, humans and animals will.

It would be nice if in the spring, when the snow melts, we could just sweep off our decks and set up the barbecue. This is not reality, especially for us wood deck snobs. We have all socialized on synthetic decks before, and they just don’t have the same warmth as wood decks. They are sterile…fake. Wood is real, and deserves to be looking it’s best at all times.

Here’s How:

  • Preseason Deck Washing/Dustless Sanding
  • Maintenance Coat of Finish
  • Your Deck is Set for the Season

That is what we are here for. Topcoat clients count on us to conveniently schedule and reliably show up to perform deck maintenance tasks. We are low impact, courteous, professional, and the best wood snobs in Vermont.

We also offer End of Season / Pre-Winter Deck Maintenance Services

Contact us for a consultation on your deck today.

Then, enjoy some more of our deck enthusiasm by reading Topcoat’s very own Rules for Ipe Decks.

We have particular expertise in taming that temperamental species.





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