Topcoat Finishes: Eye on Quality

Topcoat Finishes

Todd Pudvar (L) is the Operations Manager. Scott Burt (R) owns Topcoat.

Reality Based Painting at Topcoat

We will beat no one on price.

Just about guaranteed.

Our Pricing Promise:

You don’t have time for price games, and neither do we. Given human nature and a basic understanding of psychology, we recognize the lure of low prices. In real life that means the lowest common denominator.

Service in your home is a bad place to roll those dice.

At Topcoat, we are educated – both formally, and by decades of honest experience. We won’t engage in the race to the bottom of our industry. And we will never deliver a low level of service to you and your home.

Instead, we focus on being the BEST paint company for you.

Why that’s a good thing:

For those who know that in subjective skills, low price rarely (hardly ever) results in best value, Topcoat Finishes continues to raise its own bar.

A quick cruise over to our own testing grounds shows that we don’t deal in cutting corners. We look for ways to get to a better result in a more efficient way. This results in convenience for you.

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The bottom line is:

  • Who do you want at your house all day with cans of paint?
  • Whose eyes do you want on your project every day?
Topcoat Finishes

Whose eyes do you want on your finishes?

Trust us, we hire painters ourselves. In human resources, value, quality and service are commensurate with what we pay. It is also a function of how we treat people.

Painting is different from most other types of service industry trades – for better or worse – because it is labor intensive work. Topcoat Finishes insists on leading the pack at the “better” end of the spectrum.

We do this by keeping a keen eye on the profound nuances in the balance between production and quality, budget and schedule, and, most importantly, relationships. Therein lies value for you, our client. This is directly from our playbook, and we put it out there for all to see because, while remarkably simple in theory, it is that hard to do year after year after year.

What are your Core Values?

Topcoat, quite literally, defines the professional standard for professional painters. You want us on your home team, and we want to be there. Our eye is on value, which means doing it once and doing it right. While sometimes this is not what people want to hear, usually it is, and it has served us well for over two decades of professional painting in Vermont.

Our pricing is not standardized. It is as unique as the situation you ask us to estimate. And it is always honest and responsible. If you value that, please call us today!

In every step of your Topcoat experience, we want you to feel like you are getting “spa-quality” customer service, right on your own property. Topcoat continues to promise to deliver an extraordinary experience to our clients. Forget about every unfavorable painter experience you have ever had.

You will love working with Topcoat. We settle for nothing less, and neither should you.