Sustainable Practices

Sustainable painting

Topcoat even captures it’s dust when working on your outdoor surfaces.

Topcoat’s Uncommon Sensibility

Because we have been painting for more than a couple of decades, we have experienced just about everything that can be unhealthy about painting. We consider it our responsibility to create the healthiest experience for everyone who is involved in our business, which is the business of preparing surfaces for paint, and then painting them. This is what we refer to as Sustainable Painting Practices.

It’s in the Air.

Topcoat Finishes works very closely at the corporate R&D level with major paint industry manufacturers. As a result, we are able to provide feedback to decision makers in our industry.

topcoat finishesPaint manufacturers have done a great job in the past decade of creating high performance paint products that are healthier for people to use and better for the environment. We believe completely that the EPA and the paint manufacturers do a great job of keeping track of the ozone layer, smog and such.

We consider it our responsibility to take care of ourselves and those who are impacted by our business activities.

And it’s about People.

While the whole paint “VOC” topic is important in the big picture, there are other factors that have impacted painters and their customers just as much, if not more.

At Topcoat Finishes, when we think of air quality, we are thinking beyond odor and off-gassing. We are also thinking about cleanliness and airborne particles that can happen during the act of painting.

And Being Professional.

sustainable painting practicesThere are three critical categories where paint contractors impact their work environment, exposing employees and customers to airborne chemicals in both dust and vapor form.

Airborne matters:

  • sanding or scraping surface
  • vapor caused during spraying of paint
  • selection of paint itself…what is being off-gassed

Topcoat Finishes has made it part of its corporate mission to partner with paint industry manufacturers to research, improve and educate others about the implementation of products and tools that improve jobsite conditions for workers and customers.

  1. Since 2007, Topcoat has worked closely in a consulting capacity with both major and regional paint product manufacturers, with a particular emphasis on the development of waterborne interior and exterior paint technologies. Our relationships within our industry and interest in waterborne products have both grown immensely since 2007. 
  2. In 2010, we began working in a similar capacity with Graco, the most visible manufacturer of paint spray equipment in our industry. This relationship has helped us to identify, implement and educate others about the most efficient spray equipment that is available to painters. We have spent tremendous amounts of time mastering air assisted airless and HVLP spraying technologies in conjunction with the new waterborne paints. This results in more paint ending up on the intended surfaces, and less being released into the air. And the finished products are stellar.
  3. In 2011, Topcoat Finishes partnered with FestoolUSA to begin testing and implementation of dustless sanding technologies into the paint process. It is no secret that half of the job is often in surface preparation, and that process historically had been quite dirty. As the earliest Festool adapters in our industry, we have mastered the art of tool selection to prevent dust from becoming airborne where we, and our customers, can breathe it. You can rest safely assured that our sanders are the most efficient in our industry, and they are connected to Festool HEPA vacuums during power sanding operations, whether inside or outside of your home.

Why is all this important?

Topcoat President

Topcoat President Scott Burt.

The synergy of these 3 categories yields 3 critical values:

  • painter health
  • customer experience
  • efficiency

Our painters work in cleaner environments, which is a better experience for our customers, and the result is more efficient for everyone involved.

Bottom Line: Your home will be clean everyday. It’s just how we roll. We don’t waste time making messes and sweeping them up. We capture dust at the source. We are professionals who come geared to work in a professional manner.

Settle for nothing less than a paint company that delivers at this level. It’s very easy to spot ones that don’t.