Bedroom Paint and Decorating Makeover

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The Repurposed Bedroom

room makeover

Another from Topcoat’s series of collaborations with Stephen Saint Onge.

Spare bedrooms are a common and practical target for makeovers. In most of our homes, bedrooms that aren’t occupied usually become large closets, or just generally underutilized spaces.

We repurposed this room with designer Stephen Saint Onge a few years ago for Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The room was in a condo on Lake Champlain, out in Mallet’s Bay, a perfect north facing guest bedroom – totally lacking in that warm, welcoming feeling that the homeowners were looking to create for guests. And, to make it even more of a challenge, this project was done in the fall, just in advance of the holiday entertaining season.


paint and decorating makeover

The bed was completely blocking the window with the lake view.

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

The first step in any paint and decorating makeover is to look at the current status of the room. In this case, it was sterile, totally lacking in really any kind of decor strategy. And the paint was basic flat, chalky, kind of dingy feeling. The next step is to look at what you want the room to be, how you want it to feel. From there, the wall color can be chosen as the backdrop for how the room will be furnished and accessorized. This is where it all comes together, and the feel of the room begins to change – for the better.

Assembling the Paint and Decorating Makeover Puzzle

paint and decorating makeover

Accessories that work together.

This can be chicken or egg, when it comes to color selection. Sometimes people have a wall color already chosen, and then they select accessories and furnishings to match it. Sometimes it is the other way around. We have seen entire room color schemes hatched from a single tone in a quilt.

In either case, it is important to pick a wall color that will serve as the palette for the rest of the choices in the room. Everything from furnishings, to window treatments to hanging pictures can pretty quickly pull a room together.


paint and decorating makeover

A profound difference.

The best paint and decorating makeover results don’t just speak for themselves – they SCREAM for themselves!

Who wouldn’t want to spend the holidays in these guest quarters?

If you find yourself in this type of a conundrum, and want to create a more warm and welcoming space for your guests, contact Topcoat Finishes today for a paint and decorating makeover consultation.

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