Is Rain Water Beading up on Your Ipe Deck?

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It should be. When water beads up on your ipe deck (or any deck for that matter), that means the finish is repelling moisture and doing its job. The finish on your deck sacrifices itself to the elements in the process of protecting the wood.

If your deck is not beading up rain water, then moisture can enter the actual wood, which sets off a chain reaction of:

  • drying out
  • checking
  • splitting
  • moisture retention
  • mildew formation
  • rot

It doesn’t matter what kind of wood your deck is made of. Some last longer than others, but in the end, Mother Nature in the form of rain, sun, wind, snow, ice, will always win if outdoor wood surfaces aren’t maintained periodically.

Recently, we brought back (read: restored) an ipe deck that was pushed too far in the wrong direction. It had weathered and dried out, retained an unattractive layer of grime and started to show green mildew formation.

If rain water isn’t beading up on your deck, it is BEATING up on your deck.

There is no reason your deck can’t look as nice as your dining room floor. That’s what we go for!

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