Home Painting Prices and Perfection.

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Perceptions Can Be Twisted. Reality Never Budges.

Topcoat Finishes always strives for something better than we’ve ever done before in the art of home painting. And we’ve done many projects that if Topcoat didn’t paint them, we’d find out who else did such nice work. Hasn’t really happened yet – even in a world where anyone can do most anything right once, especially painting. Or at least that is the perception.

Painting is not as easy as the big box stores make it sound. You probably can’t do it. But WE CAN really help. We know how fine our work needs to be, and we are obsessed with making the home painting experience with Topcoat as fun and low pressure for our clients as we can. Like a resort experience, in your own home.

Its every time with us. That is how Topcoat Finishes is wired.

Topcoat's Sandy bringing together a seamless integration of clear and painted fine finishes on a recent remodel.

Topcoat’s Sandy bringing together a seamless integration of clear and painted fine finishes on a recent remodel.

To us, “better” doesn’t always mean a higher level of quality. We understand that there really is no such thing as absolute perfection in finish work. But our job is to create the appearance of perfection, without breaking the bank.

Perfection is a very diminishing return if you chase it too far. It drives prices through the roof. So, when we say “better”, in the context of our service levels at Topcoat Finishes, we mean value and efficiency: How the job gets done. In every aspect.

It is for that reason that we welcome our competitors to be lower priced than us. There are many categories by which paint companies can be assessed, and price is the most deceptive and easiest to manipulate. Price manipulation is the kiss of death if it becomes a regular practice. No one ends up happy. It doesn’t end well.

Topcoat Finishes doesn’t allow this in our estimating practices, because our vision is to continue to be a sustainable business – not just here today, gone tomorrow.

Ridiculously low prices are fleeting, just like the pursuit of perfection.

Balance in All Things

Topcoat Finishes

Insist on this.

We prefer that Topcoat Finishes is the long term solution to our clients’ long term home painting needs. That is our business model. And that is why there is truly so little legitimate competition. Most painters fear long term commitment. We welcome the challenge of earning your continued trust through reliability and impeccable service.

What Are You Paying For?

In painting you get what you pay for. You pay for what you get.

Anything else is illusion – not real. Topcoat deals in the commerce of honesty…reality.

It’s the same for us with our products and personnel. It’s basic human nature. A rare art these days to pick the best side of the fork in the road every time. “Best” means practical, not ill advised. That’s where Topcoat operates.

That’s how you can be assured you’ll get the best painters you’ve ever seen, and the best paint experience you could ever imagine. And we hope you’ll tell all your friends and family how awesome and fun your Topcoat painters are.

Topcoat Finishes is there for you. Every time.

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Scott Burt

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About the Author: Scott Burt is a contractor and freelance writer whose column "From the Field" has appeared in American Painting Contractor magazine (www.paintmag.com) since 2008. His writing and projects also appear in other print and digital venues. .


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