Home Paint Maintenance

home paint maintenanceMany years ago, Topcoat launched it’s Ounce of Protection home paint maintenance program. Initially, it was designed for owners of custom homes around Lake Champlain that we had painted when built. Over time, we began receiving many referrals for similar homes that fit our model well, so we opened our maintenance program to more properties.

This service is a huge hit with our customers. It is a simple program, really. We inspect your property annually, and we service it once, and sometimes twice, annually.

maintenanceOn inspection, we look at all aspects of the home inside and out, and design a maintenance schedule that keeps the entire home looking and performing as new – all the time. Ounce of Protection customers receive priority scheduling, and we schedule to your convenience, based on how you intend to use your home each season.

This maintenance program covers all interior and exterior surfaces on your property. Contact us to make an appointment.