Easy Interior Accent Colors

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Every Home Needs a Little Bit of Color

While a considerable amount of our work over the years has been in tandem with architects and designers, we have more recently been enjoying fun projects working directly with homeowners to inject interior accent colors into living spaces.

interior accent colors

Magazines can be a great source of inspiration for simple, creative ideas.

One of the most interesting was done with a creative family in Charlotte. They had seen a clever way to paint stair cases in Real Simple magazine. In the photo to the left, you can see that the stair risers are painted in different gradients of an initial, dark tone, getting lighter as your eye follows the stair way. Its a cool effect to “ground” the stairway, and give it a feeling of lightness as you go up.

Picking Interior Accent Colors

In our case, our customers have a large piece of original art hanging in their living room. The base blue color for their stairway would be chosen from that palette. Then, working with the homeowner on color selection, and in partnership with our local paint store, we created successively lighter versions of the same color tone by cutting the amount of tint by 50% in 3 successive batches of paint.

Doing the math

interior accent colors

A steady hand for brushwork is required.

The example that our customer found in the magazine was a long, straight run of stairs. Their concept was to do 4 sets of 3 risers. In other words, paint 3 risers, then switch to the next lighter color.

Our customers stairs were shorter runs with a switchback, so we did sets of 2 per color, and repeating on the switchback to the top. We even put one of the colors into the sidewall of the stairs, and kept the stair stringer white for more definition.

interior accent colors

How we integrated the accent colors

One Step Further

On this project, we took the blue theme one step further. We painted one of the defining architectural features of the home’s main floor – a structural curved band – that divides the kitchen and living room and heads straight for the dining room, where we painted one accent wall in the same navy blue as the base of the stairs.

Fun, whimsical and cool.


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