Drywall Spraying in Remodeling Projects

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If you are planning a remodeling project in your home that will require new drywall walls and ceilings, Topcoat handles drywall spraying of primer and paint. With over two decades of interior spraying experience on all types of new construction and remodeling projects, Topcoat brings the proper tools, materials and expertise to complete your project safely and efficiently.

drywall spraying

Rachel backrolls primer during a recent drywall spraying project.

In one of our 2013 remodeling projects, we have spray primed and sprayed all of the ceiling coats in a 4000 square foot interior remodel of a home in Charlotte. While many paint companies have sprayers, not all paint companies use them with discretion. Sprayers help painters to get projects done faster, but they also create the temptation to take short cuts in the painting process that can seriously compromise the quality and longevity of the results.

We refer to short cut taker painters as “blow and go” painters. Often times, these painters will choose not to use primer on drywall, but rather will buy less than professional grade paints that claim to have primer “built in”. This is an opportunistic interpretation of the label on those cans of paint. Paints with priming characteristics have been around forever. But, they are not intended to be used as primers on a large scale, such as a house full of new drywall. They are intended to have self priming characteristics on small drywall patches and repairs, which makes them a convenient option for small scale tasks.

Another area where some paint contractors cut corners is in what we call “backrolling.” When drywall spraying, one of the keys to a successful result is that while one painter sprays the primer on the wall, another painter follows closely behind with a roller to work the primer into the surface for an even result. If this is not done, the joints (compound) and the paper faces of the drywall will not absorb the primer uniformly, resulting in a cloudy, blotchy look. Painters often blame the primer, when the answer is simply their own laziness or incompetence.

If you are planning an interior remodeling project in Vermont, settle for nothing less than Topcoat Finishes to make sure that all aspects of the process are handled professionally, starting with the drywall spraying and ending with your finished trim.


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    What is your “go to” primer for bare drywall Scott?

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