Clean Painted Woodwork

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clean painted woodwork

Topcoat Finishes keeps woodwork looking crisp and new.

One of the most common requests we get at Topcoat Finishes is from clients who want to freshen up the woodwork in the high traffic areas of their homes, such as mudrooms, hallways, stairways and kitchens.

By focusing on the high impact areas of your home, you can keep it looking fresh and clean. Producing clean painted woodwork is one of the simplest but most dramatic transformations that we do at Topcoat.

Baseboard Trim

Baseboard is rarely touched by people’s hands, but it sure seems to be affected by just about everything else. Oddly, the very act of cleaning baseboard ends up being one of the biggest sources of wear and tear on baseboard.

The two biggest culprits are:

  • Vacuuming
  • Scrubbing

Many of our clients have cleaning personnel who come through once a week and clean their homes. The cleaners have good intentions, but their process sometimes ends up having a negative impact.

It’s the Simple Things

clean painted woodwork

Clean lines better define your space.

The top edge of baseboard, where it meets the wall, usually becomes a dust catcher. When it gets vacuumed, it is important for the cleaning person to use a soft bristle brush attachment and lightly float over the top of the baseboard, letting the suction of the vacuum, with only slight agitation by the bristles, do the work.

Often, people are in a hurry when vacuuming, so the baseboard gets done with just the hard plastic or metal extension wand being dragged across the surface. This usually leaves scuff marks on both the top edge of the base, and the adjacent wall surface.

Which then leads to…


interior painting

A clean, well lighted mudroom by Topcoat.

You would be surprised how the act of scrubbing can quickly create problems. If the sponge or cleaning agent used is too abrasive, the sheen on your woodwork is quickly dulled, creating a worn look. Worse yet, it doesn’t take long before the water solution becomes dirty, and the mess is getting smeared around on your trim.

So, when Topcoat Finishes paints interior trim, we make sure to educate our clients about how to clean painted woodwork, so that it will stay looking and performing it’s best for a longer period of time. This approach works pretty well because our client is then armed with the information they need to keep their home looking great.

Wood trim is an architectural feature that frames the aesthetic and stylish details of your home. Topcoat Finishes enjoys creating clean painted woodwork with pleasing lines throughout all the homes we paint, and our clients enjoy knowing that it is a simple home improvement project that will hold up to the test of time.


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